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What you will learn from this sales letter...
  •  How I went from "stay-at-home mom" to owning my own six-figure business
  •   How Henry Ford went from illiterate high school dropout to multi-millionaire entrepreneur that changed the world
  •  How these very same principles are easily available to you, too!
From: Monique Alvarez
RE: Joining a Mastermind

Dear Entrepreneurs,

If you want to run a successful and fulfilling business, receive support and encouragement while you build it, or even if you just want to create more freedom and fun, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because, thanks to technology, women today can work 3-4 hours in their business AND make enough money to support their families... even travel full-time if they want! (I should know, because I'm living it.)
I'm Monique Alvarez and I'm an International Business Consultant who turns women into business women.
Since 2008 I have worked with over 500 business owners across 26 countries and 4 continents... Some of my clients include well-known companies such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Snap Fitness, and Recycle San Diego, but most of my clients have been solopreneurs like yourself.
It's easy for people to look at my life and assume things have always come easily to me...
However, in our first year of business, my husband and I had zero start up money, sold our car, and dealt with overdraft fees on a weekly basis before we managed to turn it around when we reached six-figures by the end of that year.
How did we do it? We learned the power of networking with fellow business owners, which is something that anyone can do, as long as they know the right way to do it.
My clients come to me because they are sick of hype and they aren’t interested in chasing “overnight” success. 
They are unconventional and they have beautiful dreams. 

They realize that going it alone is hard and they are ready to work within a community that believes in them fully

My clients know what they want and they desire accountability as they manifest their dream lifestyle

My clients are ready to live well and own their brilliance

My clients are big thinkers and world changers.

My clients want it all!
Here are more testimonials from people just like you and me who got results.... 
"From the very first session in Monique's Mastermind I knew that Monique was the real deal, a natural leader – and that she does not mess around! Her understanding of how to support you and the group every step of the way with growing your business is remarkable and something I’ve never seen in a Mastermind — or business for that matter!

In 3 months with Monique's Mastermind, it helped me to create greater consistency with my marketing and visibility… My list doubled, and I created and launched a program! I’m also currently working on a second launch (month 4)!

Seriously… Do yourself a favour and save yourself months or years of spinning your wheels and just sign up already!"

~Jacqueline Rimmer
"I joined the mastermind two months after leaving my full time position. Before becoming a full time consultant, I joined other group programs and facebook groups. They helped me learn the basics, but it wasn’t a personal approach. Sure, I could post question in a public forum, but it wasn’t like having a tight-knit group of women who were equally as committed and invested in my growth as much as their own.

Working in Monique’s Mastermind, I learned practical ways to grow my reach. For example, I wasn’t even on Instagram, and 90 days later had over 200% more followers. 

The space that Monique holds for us fosters community, collaboration and collective impact."

~Erin Browder
"I was drawn to Monique at first sight online! Our paths crossed when I was stuck in getting over an unfruitful high-ticketed coaching investment. Monique's Mastermind felt like my ticket out and back in the game. And it sure has been! 

Every week is full of new sequential material, highly applicable content, impactful aha moments and upleveling. I feel fortunate to have found her and this fabulous group of ladies. We are available and supportive of each other and celebrate break throughs and milestones. Monique also walks her talk. I adore Monique's perseverance, frankness, desire to up level and her authenticity. 

If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, DO NOT pass it up!"

~Mojdeh Razmiafshari
"Monique and I share many things: Our love for travel and our family, good food and honest and deep conversations. When I had the chance to join her Mastermind to take my business to the next level I didn't hesitate. Such a wonderful decision. I'm learning big and little things, subtle shifts and changes and getting even more visible and when I need to move out of my very feminine energy to allow my divine masculine to show up too. And I'm loving the diversity of the group!"

~Annika Suoma Frey
"Since I've started working with Monique I've experienced a quantum shift in the way I look at my life and beliefs, and the way I deal with personal and business challenges. 

As a result I've catapulted to an amazing new level in life, filled with success and joy. 

My husband are now retired in Mexico, which has been our dream. Monique has been an instrumental and driving force behind the gains I've achieved!"

~Judith Moore
"I joined the Monique Alvarez Mastermind because we connected at a time in my life where I needed that extra push to do something for me. 

To catapult these ideas on my business that had been dreams in my head but not yet made realities. 

I love the community (dare I call it sisterhood) that is created in the group, and how we all have the best intentions for everyone to succeed in their dreams."

~Lauren Bandow
"I joined Monique's mastermind because we clicked the moment we met over Zoom! I knew she was the person that was going to support me and push boundaries and comfort zones that I had built. 

I have found the mastermind to be helpful for meeting amazing women and holding me accountable in my business and in my life as well as sharing wins with the group and celebrating theirs! 

Monique is the real deal. Working with her is amazing and fun! She listens intently and cuts through all the brain noise to what your heart and soul is saying and with that, she will help guide you to where you want to just have to be ready to do the work too. 

She is honest and straightforward and has a beautiful heart. I am so grateful that I was connected to her through a friend and that I am a part of this mastermind!"

~Seanna Nichol
"Monique's Mastermind is unlike anything I've experienced before. She is someone who genuinely cares about each and every person in the group.

The support from other mastermind members is invaluable. Working with other powerhouse women in motion is not only inspiring but it is essential for any woman looking to increase her presence as a business woman.

I highly recommend Monique's program with no reservations. Whether you're looking to start a business, rebrand your business, increase your business or simply need help streamlining processes and attracting new networking avenues, Monique is your woman.  

Her business savvy combined with her partner Elizabeth Caraballo's vibrational guidance has the power to bring any woman from their current position into that of a world-class business woman."

~Gabriella Marigold Lindsay
"Monique is very different from any other coach I worked with before. She is really intuitive and the group is also a combination of highly intelligent and powerful and kind women.

What this means for you as a participant is that you do not get away with any BS. You will be called out, in a gentle but firm way and that is exactly what I needed.

Her action tasks really pushed me but also really helped me to find out what works for me and what doesn't and so it saved me a lot of time because Monique will have you dip your toes into all kinds of different realms. And now I know exactly what works for me.

The support is absolutely invaluable and I would never have met these women otherwise and now they are the pieces that help me to blossom.

I would always recommend Monique's Mastermind."

~Christine Hansen
"The Mastermind has changed not only my business, but my SELF, and so much for the better. My confidence has grown, my skills have expanded, I'm discovering things about myself I would have otherwise left unexplored. Joining the Mastermind is a divide in my life: a distinct Before and After. And I am immensely grateful."

~Haley J Phillips
"This is the best investment that you could possibly make for your business! I had no clue how fast I would grow personally, how fast my business could expand or in what directions, or the number and depth of personal connections I would make in just the last 3 months by being a Mastermind to Success member. Take the leap and fly with us!!"

~Janet Hilts
"If you're looking for a platform that not only helps you grow your network but also your net worth, you don't need to look any further. The mastermind run by the two well-rounded spiritual entrepreneurs is both expansive and collaborative. In my many years of professional networking, this mastermind has by far exceeded the status quo." 

~Maria Kathlyn Tan
"I joined Monique's Mastermind at a transition point in my life. I had been in a holding pattern for three years that had left me depressed and disillusioned with my business and my progress. I was ready to give up and “get a real job” as I’d been told by so many, even though I knew I was created for something different.

Truth be told, I read the sales page 50 times over the course of that summer and talked myself out of it 50 times. Why? I was scared to invest that much money in “another coach” and hope for a different result. It seemed like the definition of insanity. But when the opportunity came up again later in the summer, I took it as a sign and I joined. If I didn’t invest in me, who else would?

From the word go I was intimidated. It was clear that Monique was in no way “another coach.” It turns out that she is like a breath of fresh air that blows on the embers of passion almost stomped out by trying formulas and following gurus. She’s no nonsense, takes no bs, gives everything to you straight without the spoonful of sugar. And she does it all in love. She was exactly what I needed to pull myself out and up. And the women in this group are pure gold!

I've been part of the mastermind for almost a year now and the changes have been amazing, both in my business and my personal life. I joined so that I could focus on my business, but have since gained confidence in myself and my ideas, made friends with strong women from diverse backgrounds who are supportive and hold me accountable. The Mastermind is a no BS zone which I love. My old excuses were not welcome and, therefore, change was inevitable. The value is so beyond the price that this should definitely be a no brainer! Come join us!"

~Nesha Zackery
"There are resources and tools in my life and in my career that I find essential and for me Mastermind To Success (Monique Alvarez+Elizabeth Caraballo) is one of those tools.

It is my #1 referral! Since joining last year my entire life has accelerated. We were one year into our video production company ArcLight Pictures as our full time income and just launched our amazing new service Vauntify. 

We were struggling as most new companies do but with Monique Alvarez and Elizabeth Caraballo guidance we were/are able to get through the normal pitfalls much faster and learn from the so much better.

What sets them apart from any other coaching program or Mastermind Group is that they don't just give you a detailed roadmap of exactly what you need to do as a business builder but Elizabeth Caraballo facilities with your own personal growth that MUST come with growing your business. 

You cannot have success without it!

What surprised me most was meeting and bonding with an amazing group of women who are also members of the Mastermind. 

I have found several new best friends in the group that will be part of my life for a very long time. 

I never in my life thought I would find other women who I could be totally myself with and would love me for exactly who I am.

Membership in this Mastermind Group has rewarded me with so much that I don't foresee ever discontinuing my subscription EVER! 

I love this group and I love these women!!!!

~Elisa Cota-Francis
"I joined the mastermind about a week before I left my corporate marketing career to focus on building my online business and moving my family abroad. 

I wasn’t sure where to begin and needed to create momentum. I connected with Monique after reading her book, “Success Redefined: Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss.” 

I joined because I wanted structure, accountability and progress for my business. I knew that with the right combination of leadership and support, building my business could be a positive and enlightening experience.

Once you step into the group, there's a swift current that sweeps you up and injects you with the momentum you need to holistically learn and grow. 

Just two months later, I am clear on and believe in what I want to do, who I want to serve, and how to build and create in alignment with my lifestyle and vision.

How I approach each day is different. I take care of myself first. I do what feels right. I have a deep commitment to making my dreams come true without compromise.

What I didn't expect was the power of the love, diversity and collective vibration of my amazing mastermind sisters. They loved me and had confidence in me when I couldn't find it within myself. They're the authentic, committed, no-BS, lead-by-example business women that I've been yearning for my entire career.

I have learned, grown and progressed holistically and more than I could’ve ever imagined. Accelerated growth is understatement! This is an offer of a lifetime. Seriously. Don't let it pass you by."

~Kate Franco
Take Advantage Now... Offer Comes Down Soon!
Join Now! You'll Never Regret Investing In Yourself!
There are 2 Payment Options to Join the Mastermind at the Discount Price:
Monthly Payments
(with 1 Year Contract)
List Price: $500/month
You Save: $3,036 (50%)
Today's Price: $247 per month
Pay for the Year
(Pay Upfront, Save an extra $887!)
List Price: $6,000
You Save: $4,003 (67%)
Today's Price: $1,997 One-Time Payment
What is a Mastermind?
A mastermind is a mentoring group of individuals who meet on a regular basis (in-person or virtually) to push each other to achieve at their highest potential and hold each other accountable. Many successful entrepreneurs today, from Bill Gates to Tony Robbins, use masterminds to help grow their business and work on their own personal development.

Think of it as a show and tell (and ask) for highly motivated individuals who are ready to be, do, and have moreJim Rohn, author and motivational speaker, famously says that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.
According to Forbes there are 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind:
1) Intentionally Making Your Dream a Priority
Through our Weekly 1 hour virtual meetings via Zoom, you will be Investing 1 hour each week creating a game plan that insures the rest of your week is efficient, effective and profitable. Through the power of technology, we gather “face to face” from the comfort of our home or office. This regular interaction also bonds the group and encourages community.
2) Clearly Define Your Goals and Objectives
By going through the 12 questions in my "Intention Setting Process", members clearly define what their goals and objectives are for the next twelve months. This will give each member something to refer back to during monthly check-in sessions.
3) Creating Action Steps
Many business owners - even those who have been in business for years - often do not know the specific action steps necessary to move them closer to their goals. Each week I will assign one action step relevant to the week’s discussion that must be implemented immediately. This brings clear direction and provides accountability for all members.
4) Easily Refer to Past Meetings
Weekly meetings are conducted as lives via Zoom. Videos can easily be found in the private Facebook group using the hashtags. Videos can also be downloaded for each members personal use.
5) Monthly Check-ins
Monthly Check-ins are my way of making sure no one is hiding out in the back of the class. The Monique Alvarez Mastermind does not end at the end of the meeting. The real work is done in the time between meetings. The Monthly Check-in is when we look back at our Intention Setting Process and Action Items to be sure each member is on track.
6) Put Your Dream in the Hot Seat
Monthly Hot Seat Sessions are incredibly valuable to the members because this is time dedicated to one member. The entire group brainstorms how the featured member’s marketing, branding, pricing, packaging, action items etc. can be improved in order to reach their goals. The featured member can ask for help on anything they want the group's ideas on.
7) Easily Share Resources Between Meetings through Our Private Facebook Group
Our Private Facebook Group serves as a place where members can interact between meetings. Resources can be shared, questions asked and answered, and inspiration offered.
8) Join a Community of Like-Minded Female Entrepreneurs
Being in regular communion with other business owners and adventurers with similar intentions creates powerful synergy. This environment inspires ideas, solutions and creativity through regular networking.
8 Additional Benefits of Joining Mastermind to Success:
1) You’ll be part of an exclusive community
Joining a mastermind typically involves you being invited by the members or going through an application process. The other members need you just as much as you need them, so quality of experience and knowledge is crucial to all involved.
2) Advisement
Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone. The other members of the group turn into business advisors of sorts and vice versa.
3) Collaboration is the name of the game
You may find someone in the group that is a perfect fit to work on a project with you. Or, you may be the perfect person to help another member, as well. The group works together collaboratively, to achieve more together.
4) Extend your network
Joining a mastermind expands your network exponentially and rapidly. If you are in business, you know how important your network is. By joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and typically gain the networks of those in the group with you.
5) New learning
Everyone in the mastermind is unique in skill, experience and connections. By interacting and sharing your challenges, it’s almost certain that someone in your mastermind will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution, connection or tactic to help another in the group.
6) Cross-promotion
When you join a mastermind, you will most likely find ways to help each other by utilizing cross promotion - finding ways to help each other through promoting to your respective networks.
7) Think bigger
Being in a mastermind will truly give you a Master Mind! You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.
Are the people you spend the most time with helping you with your personal development and business growth?
This is where participating in and being a part of a mastermind group comes into your life and makes a major impact...

In these meetings, members of the group share their ideas, questions, triumphs and downfalls. Members can expect to get immediate feedback from the others in the group. Everyone learns from the combined experience and wisdom of every member in the group.

A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.
Although your average person has never heard of a mastermind group, successful people have been participating in masterminds for thousands of years, and Napoleon Hill coined the phrase around 75 years ago with his book entitled, "Think and Grow Rich."
In fact, Andrew Carnegie attributed his entire fortune and success to his mastermind group and was the person who encouraged Napoleon Hill to investigate the positive effects of masterminds on the wealthy and successful and to share them with the world.
High School Dropout Leaves Home at 16, Illiterate, Poor, Without an Influential Friend... And Proceeds to Change the World, While Making Millions Doing It
Usually when you start a sentence, "High school dropout leaves home at 16", it doesn't end well, right?

Well, that sentence describes none other than Henry Ford! "Well, that's Henry Ford!", you say, "Of course he changed the world and made millions - he was special!"

"Millions of people look at the achievements of Henry Ford, after he has arrived, and envy him, because of his good fortune, or luck, or genius, or whatever it is that they credit for Ford’s fortune. It is a well known fact that Henry Ford began his business career under the handicap of poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance. It is an equally well known fact that, within the inconceivably short period of ten years, Mr. Ford mastered these three handicaps, and that within twenty-five years he made himself one of the richest men in America.
Usually when you start a sentence, "High school dropout leaves home at 16", it doesn't end well, right?

Well, that sentence describes none other than Henry Ford! "Well, that's Henry Ford!", you say, "Of course he changed the world and made millions - he was special!"

Connect with this fact, the additional knowledge that Mr. Ford’s most rapid strides became noticeable, from the time he became a personal friend of Thomas A. Edison, and you will begin to understand what the influence of one mind upon another can accomplish. Go a step farther, and consider the fact that Mr. Ford’s most outstanding achievements began from the time that he formed the acquaintances of Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, and Luther Burbank, (each a man of great brain capacity), and you will have further evidence that power may be produced through friendly alliance of minds.

There is little if any doubt that Henry Ford is one of the best informed men in the business and industrial world. The question of his wealth needs no discussion. Analyze Mr. Ford’s intimate personal friends, some of whom have already been mentioned, and you will be prepared to understand the following statement:— “Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.
Henry Ford whipped poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance by allying himself with great minds, whose vibrations of thought he absorbed into his own mind. Through his association with Edison, Burbank, Burroughs, and Firestone, Mr. Ford added to his own brain power, the sum and substance of the intelligence, experience, knowledge, and spiritual forces of these four men. Moreover, he appropriated, and made use of the Master Mind principle through the methods of procedure described in this book.

This principle is available to you!"
- Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich"
A brief list of some other rich and famous people who have Utilized the Secret Power of the Mastermind as a Springboard to Success...
Bill Gates
Tony Robbins
Andrew Carnegie
Theodore Roosevelt
Warren G. Harding
John D. Rockefeller
William Wrigley Jr.
Wilbur Wright
Charles M. Schwab
Harvey Firestone
Thomas A. Edison
F. W. Woolworth
Woodrow Wilson
Wm. Howard Taft
Dr. Alexander Graham Bell
Nine Old Men: Walt Disney's best ideas came out of his participation in a Mastermind for animators.

The Inklings: A group of successful writers and poets which included C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, and Charles Williams.

The Junto: a group of twelve members created by Benjamin Franklin which would later establish the first U.S. lending library and form the academic team for the University of Pennsylvania.
Notice that this list is dominated by men?
Me too, and I hope to change that!
That's why my Mastermind Group is only accepting women.
Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  •  Build a Successful Business in a Supportive Community
  •  Get the Support, Education, and Guidance You Need to Run Your Business
  •  Accelerate Your Growth and Profits Quicker than You Thought Possible
  •  Gain the Confidence to Network, Collaborate, and Sell
  •  Avoid Loneliness and Isolation in Your Business
  •  The Real SECRET to Leading a Movement that is Bigger than Yourself
  •  Increase Your Success by Utilizing the Collective Experience of Others
  •  Effortlessly Hook Into a Support System That Believes In You
  •  Quickly Connect with Other Amazing Entrepreneurs with Big Dreams
  •  Escape the Inconsistency that is Holding You Back in Business
  •  Discover How to Improve Your Business and How to Market Yourself
  •  STOP Worrying if You've Got What It Takes To Run a Successful Business
Who Is A Good Fit to Work with Monique?
These are the attributes of the women who work with Monique Alvarez:
  •  Women committed to themselves and their highest calling.
  •  Women connected to their heart, soul and their higher power.
  •  Women who desire harmony and health in all areas of their lives.
  •  Women who are looking to make a lasting impact through their business.
  •  Women who are ready to embrace their shine and are willing to honor it in other women.
  •  Women who are visionaries and see the big picture.
  •  Women who believe that we can go further together.
  •  Women who know their dreams are just as important as their children, their spouse, and their clients.
    So Here's The Bottom Line with Mastermind to Success...
    VALUE Breakdown:
    •  Three, 60 minute training calls a month: $1,125 VALUE
    •  One, 90 minute intention setting call a month: $575 VALUE
    •  Monthly 20 minute hot seat session: $125 VALUE
    •  Weekly action items and support: $400 VALUE
    •  Networking and collaborating opportunities with other members: $250 VALUE
    •  Synergy and the collective mastermind wisdom: PRICELESS
    •  Invitations to other programs I offer at a discounted rate: BONUS
     Total Value: $2,475!
    (per month)
    This is how much I could charge, and some Masterminds do... but I want to help as many women as I can, so I'm making it as affordable as I can, without letting just anybody in...
    Take Advantage Now... Offer Comes Down Soon!
    Join Now! You'll Never Regret Investing In Yourself!
    There are 2 Payment Options to Join the Mastermind at the Discount Price:
    Monthly Payments
    (with 1 Year Contract)
    List Price: $500/month
    You Save: $3,036 (50%)
    Today's Price: $247 per month
    Pay for the Year
    (Pay Upfront, Save an extra $887!)
    List Price: $6,000
    You Save: $4,003 (67%)
    Today's Price: $1,997 One-Time Payment
    Common Objections & Frequently Asked Questions
    I’ve never heard of a Mastermind
    While the average person has never heard of a Mastermind, it’s a very time-tested strategy. Masterminds are different from networking in that it’s an environment for growing ourselves in order to grow our businesses.

    Entrepreneurs who are only focused on where the next sale is coming from aren’t a good fit for a Mastermind. It’s a rare opportunity to take the mask off and ask the questions and discuss the real struggles that you may not be able to share anywhere else. It’s empowering, inspiring and refreshing.
    I’m not sure I’ll get anything out of it
    I have observed that the members who put the most in it, get the most out of it. The curriculum I have perfected over the last year is powerful in the lives of those who are open and ready for growth.

    The way to get the most out of The Monique Alvarez Mastermind is to come to each meeting open to receive and prepared to give. Taking it upon yourself to get to know all the members will multiply the results. Last but not least, asking questions and engaging at every opportunity will guarantee you walk away with more than you could have imagined.
    I’m private and I keep my business to myself
    I can appreciate taking the proper precautions in business. Everyone in the group agreed to complete confidentially and signs an agreement to it.

    Making sure that privacy doesn’t turn into isolation is key in building a business.
    I don’t feel comfortable not supporting a local business
    Local business is a beautiful thing and I support local business as often as possible. I also support national and international business women. Why? Because they have a vision that deserves support. Discounting a business on location is short-sighted in this day and age.

    Furthermore, a national or international business has the ability to teach how business can be grow to reach great depths and lengths.
    I’d prefer to meet in person
    Part of the benefit of being in a Mastermind is having a diverse group with a common interest or goal.

    The variety of locations, industries, ages, experiences, and backgrounds makes for a truly rich environment.

    Through the power of technology, we are able to meet online and I have found that connection and rapport happens easily when participants are willing.
    I’m uncomfortable using technology to attend these meetings
    I have selected a platform that is incredibly user-friendly and used by entrepreneurs all over the world to conduct business.

    Furthermore, if this is a weak spot for you, now is the time to solve it — because if you’re not using technology to grow your business, you can be sure your competition is, not to mention all the revenue streams you’re missing out on.
    I’ve read a lot, attended seminars and purchased courses. 
    How is this different?
    I am am advocate for continuing education, however, I find most who are learning-junkies aren’t applying what they have learned. Did you know most people who buy books and courses rarely complete them? Many never even start!

    The reason why my method is so effective is because I get my clients to apply the knowledge they already have but aren’t living.
    I’m not convinced you can help me. Why should I let you lead me?
    What I learned growing up in a family business is that business never stays the same. Business is not stagnant — the most successful are always bringing on new and young talent to keep on the leading-edge and utilizing untapped resources.

    I have invested and earned my 10,000 plus hours in business, marketing, sales, and social media. But what is more valuable is that I never stop looking at the horizon to see what’s coming and what’s gone.
    I’ve been in business a long time, how will the Mastermind help me?
    Experience is a valuable thing. The sticky part about being in business for 20, 30 years is that it’s incredibly difficult to see your business with fresh eyes.

    Having the benefit of a group helps nudge seasoned business owners out of their ruts and encourages them to keep growing in new ways.
    I don’t feel comfortable joining a group of strangers
    Part of being business owners is pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.

    The great part about joining The Monique Alvarez Mastermind is that every member has went through an interview process to ensure they are a good fit for the group.

    I believe in putting together the cream of the crop in order to achieve the greatest results.
    Can men join?
    No, not at this time.

    The Monique Alvarez Mastermind is exclusively for women who own their own business and want to double their income, create location freedom, and serve thousands.
    You’re so young, how can you help me?
    Thank you!

    What I can tell you is that business is in my blood.

    And it took me 40 years to say it… but it’s not just that I grew up in it… it’s not just my own experience and the experience of my clients… Helping small business owners is my gift. It’s what I came here to do.
    Are there only young women in this group?
    One of my favorite characteristics about this group is that we have five generations represented. This spectrum of experience and perspective is so valuable to all the members and myself.
    What are your credentials?
    I’m not a corporate-trained MBA grad. I don’t own a navy blue suit — or a suit at all — for that matter. I’m not stuffy and I am not formally educated. If this is what you are looking for, I’m not it.

    I am a third-generation entrepreneur who grew up in multiple family businesses. I have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into self education and have a degree in results.

    I’m completely unconventional and cannot tell you I will be politically correct, because I won’t be. I call it like I see it. And I can see what the missing pieces are pretty quickly. I can spot what a person needs and what the gaping holes are.

    I have my 10,000 hours in networking, sales, and marketing. If you want to get what you’ve never got and you can appreciate someone with street-smarts, we just might be the perfect fit.
    Why am I paying you for this?
    You’re paying for access to me. I offer weekly teachings, feedback, and action items that move your business forward. You are also paying to network with other members. You are paying to be part of the synergy of a thriving community of successful women. It has taken me over two years to cultivate this rich of a community of women for you.
    What days and times does your mastermind meet?
    I go live with Elizabeth Caraballo once a week. I offer the business perspective and she offers vibrational support and a card reading to help you feel good about taking the next step in your work. As the group has become an international melting pot, we have decided to do away with set meeting times and instead allow for members to watch the live videos when it works for their schedule.
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    There are 2 Payment Options to Join the Mastermind at the Discount Price:
    Monthly Payments
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